Biofactor Livestock PROBLEN

Biofactor Livestock Problen is a vital feed supplement to tackle anorexia.


  • Stimulates appetite and corrects anorexia
  • Improves nutrient digestion
  • Removes harmful pathogens from gut
  • Maintains normal ruminal pH
  • Recommended in the conditions like Indigestion, stress and diarrhoea

 Dosage recommendation:

  • Cattle, Horse & Camel    1-2 bolus daily for 3-5 days
  • Sheep, goat and calves  ½ bolus daily for 3-5 days

Presentation: Available in 10 X 4’s boli

Each bolus contains
Live Lactobacillus sporogenous culture         30 million CFU

Live Saccharomyces boulardi culture             60 million CFU

Live Yeast Culture – SC                                      4 gm

Amino Acids                                                        3 gm

Liver Extract                                                        15 mg

Phytase                                                                20 FTU

Cellulase                                                              140 mcu


Beta Glucanase                                                  25 units

SYNBIOTIC PLUS - Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics to enhance the digestive tract

Biofactor Livestock Synbiotic Plus is helps maintain digestive health and resist stress in animals.


  • Maintains normal ruminal pH
  • Recommended in the conditions like Indigestion, stress and diarrhoea

Composition: Each gram contains 200 million CFU of probiotics /Kg

Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus plantarum
Enterococcus faecium
Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS)



Mode of Action: The plant matter consumed by ruminants is high in cellulose, but vertebrates cannot produce cellulase which is the enzyme required to break down cellulose. Thus ruminants depend on the symbiotic microbes in their guts to break down cellulose for digestion. Administering beneficial microbes in the rumen through Biofactor Livestock Synbiotic Plus helps produce cellulose which is a key for smoother digestive tract.

Dosage and Administration: Scoop holding to be 5g.

  • For Adult cattle feed 15g / head / day, for Calves feed 5g / head / day.
  • For Swine feed 5g / head / day.
  • For Adult horses feed 15g / head / day, for foals feed 5g / head / day.
  • For smaller animals feed 1/2 scoop per 5kg body weight once daily.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep lid tightly closed to maintain optimal freshness.

For animal use only and for use in cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats only.

PROBIONIQ Unique Probiotic feed supplement for livestock, poultry and aqua culture


  • Provides anti-adhesive effect against pathogens. 
  • Stimulates immunity, has antagonistic action against pathogens. 
  • Has antioxidant properties (removes free radicals from the body). 
  • Ameliorates heat stress (maintains production).
  • Balances gut microflora. 
  • Keeps gut healthy for maximum absorption of nutrients. 
  • Checks mortality, morbidity.


  • In cows and buffaloes increases the milk yield by 500 ml to 1 litre / day
  • Increases butter fat yield.
  • Improves fibre digestion to get maximum production of VFA’s
  • Increases the supply of microbial protein to duodenum 
  • Better for ruminal health


  • Improves feed conversion ratio for higher profitability. 
  • Builds up immunity against major pathogens. 
  • Reduces stress and thus mortality.
  • Increases the length and weight of prawn.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 5 billion CFU / g

Mode of Action:

S. cerevisiae in Probioniq produce ethanol and carbondioxide as metabolites by fermenting a wide range of carbohydrates and sugars like glucose, fructose, mannose, galactose, sucrose,maltose, rafftilose etc.  


Poultry: All the age group of poultry: 250 – 500 g / ton of feed.

Livestock: For Feed: 250 – 500 g / ton of feed.

Individual Feeding
Large Animal: 5 -10 g / day
Small Animal: 2 – 3 g / day

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